Konsortialführer:RWTH Aachen University - Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge (ika)
Wettbewerb, Förderaufruf:FP7-TRANSPORT
Fördersumme:2,8 Mio. EUR

DELIVER - Design of Electric LIght Vans for Environment-impact Reduction

The DELIVER project serves the purpose of exploring and identifying conceptual design options for fully electric light commercial vehicles in urban areas. The project partners, which bundle different competence fields throughout Europe, make it their task to develop and build-up in hardware an innovative and sustainable vehicle concept that fulfils the demands of tomorrow.

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RWTH Aachen University - Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge (ika) (Konsortialführer)
Cadem CAD
CELAYA - Emperanza y galdos international S.A.
Centro Richerche Fiat SCPA
HPL Prototypes LTD
Michelin Recherche et Technique SA
Mobit Bilisim Elektronik VE
POLIS - Promotion of operational links with integrated services
SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Volkswagen AG
Liberty Electric Cars Limited